Quote Of The Week (1/29/12)

‎”Rock & Roll is dying because people became OK with Nickelback being the biggest band in the world. So they became OK with the idea that the biggest Rock band in the world is always going to be s**t – therefore you should never try to be the biggest band in the world. F**k that!”

– Patrick Carney of The Black Keys in the last issue of Rolling Stone –

I couldn’t have said it any better myself……

Song Of The Day: 1/29/12 (Black Magic Woman)

The 3rd and final song of the day in the 3 part Santana series is “Black Magic Woman”. I picked two of his more modern songs from MY youth, the past 2 days, but thought it was necessary to bring it back to the old days. He was very young here. This is the 60s or 70s. As you can see, he was always awesome and talented. I used to love ripping it up to this song on Guitar Hero, back in college. Makes me want to whip out my faux axe and shred to this and other songs all day. Alas I don’t have a video game console anymore (at this moment at least). So I won’t be playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band today, although I do have The Beatles Rock Band in my closet, that I bought in the hopes that I’d get a Wii soon. That was 2 1/2 years ago. I’m still waiting. Soon. Soon.

Song Of The Day: 1/28/12 (Maria, Maria)

For day 2 of the 3 days of Santana, I bring you “Maria, Maria”, another song from his smash hit, Grammy award winning album, “Supernatural” for the song of the day. Another song that instantly throws me back to my formative years. I’m not gonna say that music isn’t as good anymore or definitely not that music wasn’t as good before (because it most certainly was and in a lot of ways was better), but why can’t music, now a days, be more like when I was a kid? And by that I mean, good. I’m making myself sound really old with that statement. Haha!!! There is, actually, still a lot of really good music, out there, if you look for it. Most of it isn’t on the radio though. Anyway enjoy the “Smooth” sounds of Santana.

My Collection Of Rolling Stones: 2011

I’m a big music collector. I’ve always collected CDs, which is the main reason I still buy CDs and will never buy a digital album (unless, of course, I have free iTunes money from a gift card or something). I received an iTunes gift card once and bought “The Best Of  Hall & Oates” with it. I like them well enough, but would probably never buy the actual CD. I also collect vinyl records. I started collecting in 2006 and currently have a collection of  80. However I haven’t really bought many new records in the past 3 years. Too many bills!!! Eventually I’ll continue my collection.

I’m also a big fan of Rolling Stone magazine. I think they do a terrific job of covering so many facets of the music world and also have great writing. They also cover other areas of entertainment as well as politics, which I enjoy reading about, as well. It is really the only magazine I read other than an occasional Entertainment Weekly. I’ve always wanted to collect Rolling Stones too, but didn’t start till October 2008, because I’m a total completist. Being that I could never collect all the past issues right up to the very first issue, I decided I’d rather have no collection at all if it weren’t complete. In October 2008, Rolling Stone changed the format of the magazine from the larger, more newspaper-y format to a normal magazine format. The  first cover of this new format featured then presidential candidate Barack Obama.

I saw no better time to start collecting than that issue. At least I could have a complete collection of the new format, right!?! Since than I’ve collected every issue, even all the covers of the issues that had multiple covers and the special issues too. The first picture of this post is all the issues, multiple covers and special issues of 2011, as collected by ME. All 30!!! Although I abandoned the dream of owning every issue of Rolling Stone ever printed, I do have every issue of the new format and a replica of the very first Rolling Stone ever printed, featuring John Lennon on the cover. It doesn’t get much better than that for a first issue, does it!?! I was given this replica by a co-worker who knows how much I love music and collection Rolling Stones.

I take a lot of pride in my music collection (CDs, vinyl records, Rolling Stones and other memorabilia). They are by far my prized possessions. I’ve spent A LOT on all of it!!! I can’t even begin to imagine how much. Do any of you out there, collect anything music related or not, that you take a lot of pride in and/or consider your prized possessions?

P.S. I had a little trouble deciding what to title this post. I played around with some cheesy play on word titles. One was “Danny Collected Rolling Stones, Every One Ever Printed He Owned” (a play on a Temptations lyric from “Papa Was A Rolling Stone”. Another was “Magazines Like Jagger” (a play on the Maroon 5 song title, “Moves Like Jagger” about Mick Jagger a Rolling Stone. I decided to forego the cheese and went with the simple title of “My Collection Of Rolling Stones: 2011”. Pretty self explanatory.

Song Of The Day: 1/27/12 (Smooth)

I’ve been hearing this song on the radio quite a bit, as of late. As you already know I’m a big Matchbox Twenty/Rob Thomas fan. Put him with the legendarily awesome Carlos Santana and you got a winning combination. This totally brings me back to my teen years and reminds me of summer. This song was played so much, but never got played out. Santana is a beast on guitar and he always has been, which is why I’m dedicating this weekend to Santana and a few of my favorite songs by him. Today we start with him and Rob Thomas’ “Smooth” and boy is it smooth!!!

Song Of The Day: 1/26/12 (Heartbeat)

Today’s song of the day is “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino. If you don’t know who Childish Gambino is, he’s actor/comedian, Donald Glover, most notably from the T.V. show “Community”. He dropped an album a few months back and it’s actually off the HOOK!!! You would never expect him to come so hard on a Rap album. This is one of the best songs from the album. I heard it on the radio for the first time, today and it’s supposedly going to be a big hit, according to radio D.J., Elvis Duran. If a D.J. (especially the most popular D.J. in the country) says it’s going to be a hit, it probably is because he has all the power in the world to make it so. Also this song just sounds so radio ready. Start pumping this song people. It is SO jammin’!!!

Song Of The Day: 1/25/12 (Gettin’ Grown)

Today’s song of the day is Cee-Lo’s “Gettin’ Grown”. This is from about 10 years ago, but this has been my JAM lately!!! I can’t get it out of my head. Cee-Lo has been around for about 17+ years. He started out rapping with the group, Goodie Mob, which is part of the same clic as OutKast and a bunch of other talented rapers and singers, “The Dungeon Family” and has had a few solo albums, a couple albums with Danger Mouse under the name, Gnarls Barkley and has featured on a ton of songs over the years.  The mainstream has only really been up on him since around the time Gnarls Barkley came out and especially since his hit song, “F#$@ You” (A.K.A. “Forget You” on the radio) and since the TV show, The Voice premiered last year. He has been making great, quality music for years now and I really like the message of this song at this point in my life. The video is pretty funny too. I think he’s supposed to be playing his own version of the children show characters, the Teletubbies in it. Interesting and hilarious choice for this song.

Hip-Hop At The Grammys

Since Hip-Hop first popped up on the music scene in the late 1970’s, it has had a rough time when it’ has come to the Grammy Awards, continually getting overlooked and snubbed. There wasn’t even a Rap category until 1989 and even then, the announcing of the award wasn’t even televised. Will Smith (then Fresh Prince) and DJ Jazzy Jeff had the honor of receiving the very first Rap Grammy to ever be given out, but boycotted the show with the other Rap nominees, because they would not televise the giving of the award due to “time constraints”. Hip-Hop has had an even harder time winning for  Album of the Year award. The only 2 Hip-Hop artists to ever win the honor are Lauryn Hill and one of my very personal favorites, OutKast. I read an interesting article in The Huffington Post this week about this subject, that I thought should be shared. Read on at the link below to learn more about the history of Hip-Hop and Grammys (or lack there of, apparently).