Song Of The Day: 1/15/12 (Tied for #1. The Beatles) (Get Back)

The next 7 days I will be presenting my favorite song by each of my top 7 personal, favorite artists/groups. This top 7 is very diverse, I should add and I think it’s music that should be shared and enjoyed by all. They are all virtuosos and very experimental and different. This is the big reason I love all of these 7 artists and more beyond this list. The Beatles are up first and are in a 3 way tie for #1, you will hear about them tomorrow and the day after that. The Beatles are my favorite Classic Rock band. They are simply the best. There is not much to say about The Beatles that has never been said before. The song, “Get Back” is as good as any in showing off their talent and range as musicians. This is probably my favorite Beatles song.

See you tomorrow with #2!!!


  1. Just stumbled upon your blog, and I was listening to “Get Back” yesterday, and Let it Be in days prior!

    • Well keep checking back. Follow me. My blog is only a week and half old, but I’m loving sharing music with like minded music lovers of all kinds. I hope you enjoy the content. Thanks for your comment!!!

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