Song Of The Day: 1/26/12 (Heartbeat)

Today’s song of the day is “Heartbeat” by Childish Gambino. If you don’t know who Childish Gambino is, he’s actor/comedian, Donald Glover, most notably from the T.V. show “Community”. He dropped an album a few months back and it’s actually off the HOOK!!! You would never expect him to come so hard on a Rap album. This is one of the best songs from the album. I heard it on the radio for the first time, today and it’s supposedly going to be a big hit, according to radio D.J., Elvis Duran. If a D.J. (especially the most popular D.J. in the country) says it’s going to be a hit, it probably is because he has all the power in the world to make it so. Also this song just sounds so radio ready. Start pumping this song people. It is SO jammin’!!!

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