Song Of The Day: 1/28/12 (Maria, Maria)

For day 2 of the 3 days of Santana, I bring you “Maria, Maria”, another song from his smash hit, Grammy award winning album, “Supernatural” for the song of the day. Another song that instantly throws me back to my formative years. I’m not gonna say that music isn’t as good anymore or definitely not that music wasn’t as good before (because it most certainly was and in a lot of ways was better), but why can’t music, now a days, be more like when I was a kid? And by that I mean, good. I’m making myself sound really old with that statement. Haha!!! There is, actually, still a lot of really good music, out there, if you look for it. Most of it isn’t on the radio though. Anyway enjoy the “Smooth” sounds of Santana.

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