Song Of The Day: 2/1/2012 (Bamboleo)

I’ve been on a bit of a Latin music kick lately. This past weekend I shared a series of Santana songs, yesterday I had a Jennifer Lopez song stuck in my head and shared it with you guys (not nesecarily a latin tune, but she’s Latin none the less) and I’ve been listening to a bit of Shakira and my favorite Latin band, Gipsy Kings. So today I’m sharing one of my favorite songs by the Gipsy King’s “Bamboleo”. These guys are great. It’s pretty awesome to see that many guitarists playing at once. I grew up listening to their songs with my step-mom. They remind me of her, summer and food/cooking. I’ve always wanted to see them in concert. I have to make that happen!!!


    • It’s funny how things happen sometimes. Whoa, I haven’t heard the Macarena in years!!! Did you get up and do the dance too?

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