Song Of The Day: 2/11/12 (Thriller)

On November 30th 1982 one of the greatest album’s of all time, Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” was released!!! Just over a year later, in 1984, it won Album of the Year at the Grammys. Since its release it has sold somewhere around 110 million albums worldwide!!! That makes it an 11 times Diamond record!!! Now if you follow this blog you know from a post from a few weeks back that Michael Jackson is tied for my #1 artist of all time with The Beatles and OutKast and “Thriller” just goes to show you the heights that true talent can achieve. What makes “Thriller”, an already infinitely great album, even better, for me, is the fact that one of my other #1 favorite artists, Paul McCartney, was featured on it, on the song “The Girl Is Mine”. There really isn’t much I can say about “Thriller” that has never been said a million times before. It was…well…a “Thriller”. It blended just about every and any genre of music known to man with perfect Pop sensibility, which of course made it appealing to just about anyone who loved any kind of good music. It actually also played a pivotal roll in breaking down racial barriers in America. Among the many racial barriers broken down, the popularity of “Thriller” and Michael Jackson made him the first black artists to be played in regular rotation on MTV (when they still actually played music). In honor of one of the greatest albums ever recorded and another GREAT Album of the Year winner at the Grammys, today’s song of the day is “Thriller”!!!

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