Song Of The Day: 2/13/12 (Runaway Baby)

Over the next 5 day’s I will be sharing my 5 favorite performaces from this years Grammys. Today I bring you Bruno Mars’, “Runaway Baby”. He always puts on a great, well polished performance with lots of style and energy. I love how he is very obviously doing an ode to Elvis, one of his idols and a has a quick little James Brown moment too. He really get’s the crowd off of their, as he puts it “rich a$$es” and love the bullhorn part. Such a cool performance!!! Bruno is such a talented guy and he’ll definitely go very far if he keeps at it like he has been the last 2 years. I know it was hard for him to lose all his awards to Adele, but he’ll definitely get them next time because he’s got the goods and this was just Adele’s year. But this is Bruno Mar’s performance. The only video I was able to find of the performance is a little poor in quality, but it does the job. Enjoy.

Grammy Wrap Up

So last night was the 54th Grammy Awards and I have to say it was a great show!!! Lots of great performances, although I could have done without a Chris Brown performance, not to mention two of them and a win for him for best R&B Album. Also Nicki Minaj went way over the top in the most weird and unoriginal way possible. Her performance was a jab at the Catholic Church. Like that hasn’t been done before by Madonna and Lady Gaga. It was just weird for weirds sake. It may have been visually flashy, but was just done for shock value with no real depth or artistic value.

Other than those few negative moments, I can’t really complain with how it went. Some of the great performances of the night, came to you via Bruno Mars, Adele, Jennifer Hudson, Coldplay & Rihanna, Glen Campbell, Foo Fighters and Paul McCartney (twice!!!). All the big winners were deserving. And by winners I mainly mean Adele, because she walked away with just about every major award. She took home 6 awards in total, including the big award of the night, Album of the Year, as I predicted. It was pretty obvious that, that would happen. Also Bon Iver took home the award for Best New Artist, as I also predicted.

LL Cool J was the first host that the Grammys has had in many years and he did a great job. He began the evening leading a group prayer for Whitney Houston. Later in the evening, Jennifer Hudson performed a beautiful and moving tribute to Whitney Houston, as well. The only thing that was really missing from the night was a tribute to Amy Winehouse and the inclusion of Don Cornelius in the tribute montage for those that have passed away in the past year. However it was a very memorable night and of the nominees, the people who most deserved it, won for a change. The Grammys had been kind of losing me in recent years with poor choices for winners and weak overall shows, but they won me back this year. I can’t wait for next year!!! It’s MY Superbowl!!!

P.S. Paul McCartney ended the show with the Abbey Road medley. ending with the song “The End”!!! It doesn’t get any better than that. “And in the end, the love you take is equal to the love you make.”

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