Song Of The Day: 3/7/12 (#3. Kanye West) (Through The Wire)

Number 3 on my top 5 favorite rappers of all time is Kanye West. The song of the day is his debut single “Through The Wire”, which is still one of my favorite songs of his. Say what you want about him and his antics, but he’s SUPER talented and yes, a musical genius. He probably deserved one of those Grammys for Album of the Year for one of his three albums that were nominated too. He produces all of his own music as well as the music of many other artists and he also has a crazy, sick flow, to boot!!! He is one of the few music artists, in general (not just in Rap) that is making real music, with feeling, from his soul and actually has something of value to say. He’s also willing to take risks and be different, which, to me, is one of the most valuable characteristics an artists can have. Check back tomorrow for my #2 Rapper of all time.