Song Of The Day: 3/19/12 (Bleed Bleed Bleed)

Today’s song of the day is a song called “Bleed Bleed Bleed” by a little known Swedish-American band called Thieves Like Us. My boss put me on to them last week and they are kind of funky. I really like this song, but I wouldn’t say their whole album is a winner. I only listened to it once which doesn’t always give me the best taste for an album . I usually need to listen to an album a few times before I can tell if I really like it. This album didn’t blow me away because it seemed to get a little monotonous after a while. However I did like where they were going with it and their sound. What do you think of the song and if you’ve heard Thieves Like Us or their new album of the same title of this song “Bleed Bleed Bleed” what do you think?