Song Of The Day: 3/22/12 (Young, Wild and Free)

Today’s song of the day is Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa’s, “Young, Wild and Free” featuring Bruno Mars. The song is from the soundtrack to their Cheech and Chong style film, “Mac and Devin Go To High School”.  I haven’t seen the movie, but I love the album and I love this song. It’s so fun and catchy. It kind of makes me long for the days when I was young, wild and free. Now I’m staying late at work most nights and squeezing in blog posts, then I go home, eat dinner, watch some TV and go to sleep and do that same thing the next day. I must say though, I am a very lucky man. I have the best future wife in the world and she makes even the mundane, exciting and enjoyable. So maybe I’m no longer young, wild and free, but I am old, happy and loved. I’ll take that any day!!!