Song Of The Day: 3/28/12 (I Belong To You)

I’ve slowly but surely gotten into Muse over the course of the past 5 or so years. They are a really great band!!! The song of the day “I Belong to You” is probably my favorite song by them. It’s from their amazing album, “The Resistance” which is a Rock Opera to end all Rock Opera’s. They are like Queen for a new age. I’m looking forward to hearing their next album, which is due out this year.


  1. ugggg…. I can see a line of guys in white leisure suits doing some line dance to the beat. I think the song goes…..can you feel it…. lmk if you get it.

    • The only “disco” song I can think of where they sing “can you feel it” is The Jackson 5’s “Can You Feel It”.

      That wouldn’t be it would it?

      • Thats not it. I don’t think the song I’m thinking of has that line in it. It’s just a line I hear, but I am getting the two songs confused. i’ll get it some day. By then we will have forgotten all about it, ….

      • Sorry I couldn’t be of more help. : (

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