Song Of The Day: 4/7/12 (How To Be Invisible)

The Kate Bush album “Aerial” is another of my 50 favorite albums of the 00’s. I first heard the album back in 2005 when it was released, but didn’t listen to it much then. It wasn’t until last year that I discovered how great the album was. The song I want to share for today’s song of the day is one of my favorites from the album, “How To Be Invisible”. “Aerial” is definitely one of the most beautiful and well crafted albums I have ever heard and “How To Be Invisible” is a great example of that, while still being pretty accessible to casual listeners. It is actually a double album and both discs are great. I may even like the second discs better, which is saying a lot because the first disc is so great too. I’ve only really been listening to it for about 6 or 7 months, but whenever I want to chill out and/or just listen to some really magnificant music, I throw this album on. Come on, trust me, throw this album on. Both discs of it!!!