Song Of The Day: 4/9/12 (Shadow Days)

John Mayer has had kind of a rough go at it, in recent years. First he was caught up in a “racism” scandal a couple years back, via Playboy Magazine and then he needed throat surgery and just when he was getting better and ready to tour for his upcoming album, “Born and Raised” his voice got messed up again. Despite the fact that he can be kind of a jerk (kind of like the Kanye West of Rock), I love his music and I can’t wait till his new album drops next month on May 22nd. I hope it’s anywhere close to as good as his third amazing album “Continuum” was. His first single from the new album is called “Shadow Days” and it has sort of a Country meets George Harrison sort of vibe. I like it and it grows on me the more I listen to it. What do you think?