Hip-Hop Royalty Is Born

The Queen of R&B, Beyonce gave birth to her and The King of Rap Jay-Z’s baby daughter, Blue Ivy Carter over the weekend on Saturday, January 7, 2012. So I guess that makes her a princess right? Apparently they rented out the whole floor in an NYC hospital for Beyonce to give birth in private, costing them $1.3 million. Nothing is too much for this princess!!! With two hugely talented and famous parents like Jay-Z and Beyonce, Blue will have a lot to live up to and deal with a lot of comparisons to her parents, but for now Blue is healthy and kicking and that’s all that matters. The media is nitpicking things as usual and dissecting the name, Blue Ivy. Her parents names are Beyonce and “Jay-Z”, why do they think that their child would have an average name? Congratulations Beyonce and Jay-Z!!!