Song Of The Day: 2/24/12 (#8. Jamiroquai) (Virtual Insanity)

A few weeks back I shared a song from each of my top 7 favorite artists/groups as songs of the day. The artists were as follows #1 The Beatles, #1 Michael Jackson, #1 OutKast, #4 Kate Bush, #5 *NSYNC/Justin Timberlake, #6 Matchbox Twenty & #7 Billy Joel.  I decided that sharing my top 7 just wasn’t enough and that my #8 to #10 artists/groups more than deserve to be shared too. So coming in at #8 is the amazing, Jamiroquai!!! I absolutely love these guys and the pure, delicious funk they deliver time and time again. Most of you probably only know them for today’s song of the day “Virtual Insanity”, but they are very big around the world. Not so much in the U.S.A. which I’ll never understand. You may also know their song “Canned Heat” from the dancing scene in “Napoleon Dynamite”. Jamiroquai is what music is all about. Making you feel good!!! This song is only the tip of the iceberg for Jamiroquai. They have so many gems. I got their CD “Traveling Without Moving” back when it came out in 1996 and “Virtual Insanity” from it was a big hit. For many years (about 7) I never really listened to the album. I was going through my CD collection in high school and disposing of bad and emarrasing CDs, when I came across this CD and decided to give it one more listen before I tossed it. I fell in love with it instantly and needless to say kept it and have been a huge Jamiroquai fan ever since. Their smooth, fun, funky grooves also have helped me through some hard times. They always do the trick on really cheering me up and making me want to get down with my bad self.

Song Of The Day: 2/10/12 (My Life)

Billy Joels’s “52nd Street” won Album of the Year at the Grammys in 1980. It contained such hits on it like “Big Shot”, “Honesty” and today’s song of the day “My Life”. “52nd Street” is a very jazzy album and definitely one of Billy’s best. It’s a shame he doesn’t make music anymore because he was so good at!!! Come back Billy!!!

Song Of The Day: 1/21/12 (#7. Billy Joel) (The River Of Dreams)

The #7 and final artist in my top 7 favorite artists/groups is Billy Joel. I’ve always listened to Billy Joel on the radio, while I was growing up, but never necessarily knew who he was or that each song that I knew by him were all by the same person even. He is a very versatile musician so it was hard for me, as a kid to pinpoint that all the songs I knew by him for by the same person. All I knew was that I loved those songs. I remember when I was 8 years old, my mother, brother and friends would all go swimming at a lake near my house and on the drive there and on the radios at the beach, I would always hear his current hit “The River Of Dreams” playing. I have really great memories of that summer with that song attached to it.  A few years ago, I started to become much more aware of who he was exactly. I quickly became a big fan, because, well, I was always a big fan, but didn’t really know who HE was. He has said he has been greatly influenced by The Beatles (who you know I LOVE) and that defiantly comes through a lot, particularly in some of his early stuff. He is one of the most talented song writers and musicians there has ever been. I love how he intertwines modern, popular musical techniques and sensibilities with classical stylings. It’s a shame that he hasn’t put out a new album since 1993. He has made so many classic songs that just make me feel so good. So today I share with you “River Of Dreams” a song that, as I have explained, holds a lot of great memories and meaning for me. I also just heard this song on the radio the other day, for the first time in a while, so I think that’s a sign that it should be the song of the day and it is.