Song Of The Day: 2/22/12 (Tabloid Junkie)

This song, “Tabloid Junkie” by Michael Jackson is one of my very favorite songs from later in his career off of one of his very best albums “History: Past Present and Future”. It came on my iPod, this morning, while I was working out and it got stuck in my head all day. The message of the song is important, not just in reference to Michael Jackson’s life, but with everything. People take what they read in the newspaper and magazines and see on the T.V. as if it were the word of the lord and a lot of it is sensationalized crap and the rest is simply untrue.  I don’t believe much of anything that was ever said about Michael in the media. I don’t believe the sexual charges aimed at him. I think they were just trying to play on his weakness and, yes, his inherent “different-ness” and make him into some sort of monster and get his money. When you rise so high, people just want to bring you down. All the stories about plastic surgery are ridiculous too. They would say he wanted to be white, but that’s simply unture. He was born with a disease called Vitiligo that caused him to have white spots on his skin and as he got older it got worse. At a point it became too much work to cover it all up with makeup and you can see in his “Off The Wall” and “Thriller” days that the makeup was taking a toll on his skin in the form of really bad acne. So instead of keeping up the charade, he took the only other option he had and bleached out the remaining black skin so at least he would be all one color and because of that his more pronounced Black features didn’t look quite right with his new look so he had some work done, but yes after that he went to far, continually trying to improve himself. I do think he was different, but what do you expect from an artist as amazing and earth shattering as Michael Jackson? However, I do not believe any of the nonsense said about him during his lifetime in the media. He was a gentle and kind soul and was uber, uber talented. He should be remembered for the GREAT artist, trail-blazer and humanitarian that he was. Don’t believe everything he see or read because as Michael said, “Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on the T.V. screen, don’t make it factual.” Michael Jackson never made a video for this song, but this is a pretty good fan made video.


Try Spotify

Spotify is a great music subscription service that just came to America in July. It started out and exploded in Europe, so they brought it to America and it’s been taking off quite well here in the States. I use it and LOVE it!!!  I buy around 20 CD’s a year, but like the opportunity to listen to an album before I buy it. Yes I buy actual, physical CD’s. I’m old school when it comes to music. I still buy CD’s and load them into my iTunes then to my iPhone. I also collect vinyl records. I have a collection of about 100 currently, but haven’t added to the collection in some time now. I don’t buy MP3. Maybe it’s because I’m a collector or maybe because it doesn’t feel like quite as special or as much of an experience if I can’t hold the album in my hands. I think it’s a combination of both.

CD’s and vinyl also make me nostalgic of the days before pirated music. I think that pirating has taken more than just a financial toll on the music industry, but also a creative toll. Artists don’t have as much motivation to make great, original music anymore, because they aren’t getting compensated as well as they used to. I’ll admit to having pirated music in the past, just to have a chance to test an album out before I buy it, but it started to get too difficult to find quality files of albums, so I started looking for an alternative in the form of a subscription service where I could get quality sound files.

Since I started using Spotify as my subscription service, I’ve actually bought more CDs. Through Spotify, I listen to any album I want and if I really like it, I go out and support the artist by purchasing a hard copy of the album, if I think the album is just okay, than I’ll just listen to it when I want on Spotify and if I don’t like it I just get rid of it and I don’t have to waste any money buying a CD that might let me down.

The way Spotify works is you have access to basically any album you could ever want in an instant, save a few great, valuable artists like The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. It works sort of like Pandora, but you can actually pick the exact song/album you want to listen too. It’s not random. Although they do have a radio option that works just like Pandora too.  There are 3 teirs of subscriptions you can choose from:

1. Free = Unlimited music with commercials

2. $5 a Month = Unlimited music without commercials

3. $10 a Month = Unlimited music without commercials and is also accessible from your mobile device so it can be used as your MP3 player.

I subscribe to the $10 a month option. It’s great. I no longer use iTunes or my iPod app to access my music, although I do prefer Apple products and programs. If Apple had a similar service, I’d probably go with them, because I like how Apple products are sleek, easy to use and streamlined. But Spotify is a great service and I recommend it to everyone, weather you listen to music casually or you are a complete “audiophile” like myself. Try it out!!! You have nothing to lose. You can try the free service and if you like it and want more out of it, you can later upgrade to the paid services.

Go here to download the program today: