Song Of The Day: 2/13/12 (Runaway Baby)

Over the next 5 day’s I will be sharing my 5 favorite performaces from this years Grammys. Today I bring you Bruno Mars’, “Runaway Baby”. He always puts on a great, well polished performance with lots of style and energy. I love how he is very obviously doing an ode to Elvis, one of his idols and a has a quick little James Brown moment too. He really get’s the crowd off of their, as he puts it “rich a$$es” and love the bullhorn part. Such a cool performance!!! Bruno is such a talented guy and he’ll definitely go very far if he keeps at it like he has been the last 2 years. I know it was hard for him to lose all his awards to Adele, but he’ll definitely get them next time because he’s got the goods and this was just Adele’s year. But this is Bruno Mar’s performance. The only video I was able to find of the performance is a little poor in quality, but it does the job. Enjoy.