Song Of The Day: 2/29/12 (We Are Young)

Today’s song of the day is “We Are Young” from another new album I shared yesterday, “Some Nights” by Fun. I’d like to dedicate the song to all the Leap Day babies out there on this Leap Day who really ARE young, (sort of) no matter how old they actually are. Actually one of my coworkers turned 9 (36) today!!! Happy Birthday, Leap Day babies!!! Anyway, the song features one of my favorite female singers, Janelle Monae, even if it is just for a moment, she’s what drew me to the group in the first place, but I stayed for the “Fun.”. This song is so great and anthemic, oh, and so darn catchy. I’ve had it stuck in my head for about a week now!!! Now it’s your turn. Have “fun.” getting it out of your head.