Song Of The Day: 4/11/12 (City Grrrl)

Today’s song of the day is “City Grrrl” by CSS (Cansei de Ser Sexy) an awesome Brazilian “Dance” Rock group. I first found out about them when I saw them in concert with my boss, when they opened up for Sleigh Bells. Below is a picture I was actually able to get with the lead singer, Lovefoxxx.

I liked Sleigh Bells, but I enjoyed CSS’ set ever more. It was so energenic, fun and the songs were really good. A few months later, in August, they came out with a new album “La Liberación” and I really like it!!! Great music to party and and dance to. My favorite song from it was “City Grrrl”. It’s just so catchy and fun. It was released as a single a few months ago and has a respectable amount of views on Youtube considering that they aren’t a very popular band. They should be though. I wish that more great underground stuff like this got radio play. Check out the video. What do you think?


Song Of The Day: 2/21/12 (Comeback Kid)

This song is “Comeback Kid” by a fairly new band called Sleigh Bells. I saw them live about a year ago and they put on a short, but pretty wild show. The song is off of their sophomore album, “Reign of Terror”, which came out today. I think I like it!!! What do you think?