Song Of The Day: 1/21/12 (#7. Billy Joel) (The River Of Dreams)

The #7 and final artist in my top 7 favorite artists/groups is Billy Joel. I’ve always listened to Billy Joel on the radio, while I was growing up, but never necessarily knew who he was or that each song that I knew by him were all by the same person even. He is a very versatile musician so it was hard for me, as a kid to pinpoint that all the songs I knew by him for by the same person. All I knew was that I loved those songs. I remember when I was 8 years old, my mother, brother and friends would all go swimming at a lake near my house and on the drive there and on the radios at the beach, I would always hear his current hit “The River Of Dreams” playing. I have really great memories of that summer with that song attached to it.  A few years ago, I started to become much more aware of who he was exactly. I quickly became a big fan, because, well, I was always a big fan, but didn’t really know who HE was. He has said he has been greatly influenced by The Beatles (who you know I LOVE) and that defiantly comes through a lot, particularly in some of his early stuff. He is one of the most talented song writers and musicians there has ever been. I love how he intertwines modern, popular musical techniques and sensibilities with classical stylings. It’s a shame that he hasn’t put out a new album since 1993. He has made so many classic songs that just make me feel so good. So today I share with you “River Of Dreams” a song that, as I have explained, holds a lot of great memories and meaning for me. I also just heard this song on the radio the other day, for the first time in a while, so I think that’s a sign that it should be the song of the day and it is.