Song Of The Day: 1/20/12 (#6. Matchbox Twenty) (3AM)

Number 6 on my top 7 artists/groups is Matchbox Twenty. They are my favorite contemporary Rock band. They are also, from what I can remember the first group/artist, I ever found and liked all on my own, without parent, family or friend influence. When I started to seek out music on my own at around age 12 or 13, I started watching VH1 a lot and their song “3AM” was one of the first songs that came on when I flipped it on, along with Natalie Merchant’s “Kind & Generous” and a couple of Third Eye Blind songs and let me not forget “Sex and Candy” by Marcy Playground. Those were the musical DAYS!!! Next they came out with their song, “Real World” and I started to realize how much I liked them. They have only put out 3 official albums in the past 15 years, but what they have put out has been great and well crafted. Also, lead singer, Rob Thomas has 2 great solo CDs. I’ve actually had the privilege to actually have known Rob Thomas during my high school years. I worked at Hollywood Video and he would always come in for movies, because he lived the next town over. He recognized me from my other previous jobs, over the years, (Stop & Shop and KFC). Myself and a couple friends began to strike up conversations with him and would hang out with him in front of Hollywood Video, chatting and smoking cigarettes together. He never had any idea how big of a fan I was and I thought it was best to keep it that way. Celebrities just want to be treated like an average person and I think he genuinely appreciated that we gave him that. Also I got to know him more as a person and not just as the “star”. I did however manage to get his autograph through someone else. I asked them to ask for his autograph and have him sign it to my name and say it was for a friend who loved him and his music. Years later my father happened across the front of  bass drum, that was signed by him as well. So I have his autograph twice. Matchbox Twenty is in my opinion the pinnacle of 90’s Alternative Rock. I relate very deeply with all of their songs and I believe that is one of the reasons I appreciate them so much, along with their impeccable song craftsmanship. The song I’ve chosen to share for today’s song of the day is “3AM”, their break out single and the first song I ever heard by them.

Song Of The Day: 1/18/12 (#4. Kate Bush) (Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God))

The #4 artist of my top 7 artists/groups, and the only woman on the list is Kate Bush. Kate Bush isn’t for everyone and I won’t pretend that she is, but she should be. She makes such moving, beautiful music. I’ve only been listening to her music for about 4 months, but I fell hard and fast for her. In that time, I’ve listened to her songs about 700 times according to (a website that tracks your music listens through Spotify, iTunes and your MP3 player/mobile device). I started listening to her because Big Boi from OutKast mentioned on many occasions how she was one of HIS very favorite artists and biggest influences. Back in 2006, shortly after her album “Ariel” came out, I tried listening to her because Big Boi, who is one of MY favorite artists and biggest influences, said she was so great and I took his reference seriously. I tried listening to her, but I wasn’t ready yet. Her music just didn’t click with me at that time. Five years passed and Big Boi started talking about her in interviews again and she also came out with 2 albums (Director’s Cut & 50 Words For Snow) in that year (2011). So I gave her another shot and boy am I glad I did because she is simply amazing. A genius!!! My fiance who didn’t like her at first and couldn’t stand when I played her, over the past few months, is even starting to kind of like her, which makes me happy because Kate Bush makes such GREAT music and it should be shared and enjoyed by all. She is bigger internationally than in America and even still, not as widely known as someone else of her musical stature, probably because of her complete uniqueness that a lot of people just don’t get. Real music lovers and artists understand her and love her. She is an artist’s, artist.  She has inspired many female artists as well as male artists in the last 30 years and will continue to as long as her music is listened to by open minds and refined ears. So share and enjoy one of her biggest hit songs, “Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)” from her most popular and successful albums “Hounds Of Love”.

Song Of The Day: 1/16/12 (Tied for #1. Michael Jackson) (Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough)

Tied with The Beatles and one other mystery act, you will hear about tomorrow, for number 1, on my top 7 artists/groups is Michael Jackson. Michael is without a doubt my favorite Pop artist of all time and the greatest performer to ever live. His music is timeless and just always makes me feel so good. I have many fond memories of growing up and jamming out to M.J., with my family and by myself. The day after he died, I was so saddened by his passing that I wrote a Eulogy of sorts that I shared with my friends and family on Facebook. I will be following up on this post with that “Eulogy”, stating just how much Michael Jackson meant to me as an artists, person and humanitarian. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is probably my favorite song by Michael. It always makes me feel so good and want to party. Long live the king!!!

Song Of The Day: 1/15/12 (Tied for #1. The Beatles) (Get Back)

The next 7 days I will be presenting my favorite song by each of my top 7 personal, favorite artists/groups. This top 7 is very diverse, I should add and I think it’s music that should be shared and enjoyed by all. They are all virtuosos and very experimental and different. This is the big reason I love all of these 7 artists and more beyond this list. The Beatles are up first and are in a 3 way tie for #1, you will hear about them tomorrow and the day after that. The Beatles are my favorite Classic Rock band. They are simply the best. There is not much to say about The Beatles that has never been said before. The song, “Get Back” is as good as any in showing off their talent and range as musicians. This is probably my favorite Beatles song.

See you tomorrow with #2!!!